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Consulting Services

With over 4 years experience in consulting, working with clients from manufacturing, banking, and the public sector; I’ve learnt a range of skills and knowledge for a variety of applications. Mostly working as a data engineer, my work involved integration of datasets, updating and adding ETL steps, implementing solutions in Quantexa (a decision intelligence platform), cleansing and validation, and others. My exposure to operating in several firms also has allowed me to understand the efficiencies and bottlenecks of each business environments, which could provide some insight to small-scale business consulting, especially from the technical side and with the promotion of agile methodologies for certain business functions.


Like with many data engineers and data scientists, the advancement of machine learning within the data space has helped develop and automate some processes in prediction, classification and cleansing, and others. I’m hoping to expand my understanding of this further into demand prediction models which could be used for inventory and supply-chain management for various businesses at every size.


Providing the tools of data into the hands of small businesses, especially when their survival rests on accurate predictions of customer intent, being able to leverage their data and communicate efficiently with their vendors and customers is paramount.


I will expand to provide a broad range of services, ranging from the advisory to delivery of digital solutions, all with the dedication of a person fascinated and wanting to learn more. My resume and skill set is provided elsewhere in my site, but here I will include a more detailed list of services that I hope to provide, and with the associated discounts in areas where I’m just beginning.

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